Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arabian Oryx Reserve to be Set Up in United Arab Emirates

Arabian oryx

The city of Abu Dhabi has decided to set up a reserve for the magnificent Arabian oryx. This rare antelope was once labeled as EW (Extinct in the Wild) during the 1960s, due to extensive hunting and loss of habitat. Thankfully, captive breeding had helped reboost the population as several animals were released in protected sanctuaries in Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. This time, United Arab Emirates has taken the initiative of helping with the protection of the oryx. This new reserve, named the Al Sarab Reserve, is currently located near the Qasr Al Sarab Hotel close to the Saudi border. It is expected to be spread around 304 square kilometers, which is nearly half the size of Bahrain's area. In addition to oryx, the reserve will boast a bounty of other wildlife such as gazelles and birds especially the endangered houbara bustard.

I'm very happy to see how U.A.E is active in the protection of Middle East's flagship species, the Arabian oryx. It has normally been thought that U.A.E is famous for its hotels and luxury, but now there is another feature that has made the nation even more beautiful: its desert wildlife. It feels wonderful to see how Middle East's people are committed to the cause of preserving and saving its natural ecosystem. With this new desert reserve underway, there will be a good chance for the Arabian oryx population to continue growing. This way, the entire Arabia will once again blossom with its wildlife as it did generations ago.

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