Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ISIS Fighters Killed by Wild Boars in Iraq Before Ambushing Locals

A caged wild boar

Three fighters of the militant group ISIS have recently been killed by wild boars in Iraq while they planned to ambush tribesmen opposed to the globally ruthless terrorist organization. The attack occurred on Sunday when about eight jihadists had reportedly hid among dense reeds in the country's al-Rashad region, preparing to ambush local anti-ISIS tribesmen when a sounder of wild boars attacked the jihadists, killing three. According to Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the Al-Ubaid tribe and leader of the local group of tribesmen who revolted after ISIS took control of the town of Hawija, the jihadists probably disturbed the animals which happen to inhabit the area as well as adjacent cornfields. This incident was confirmed by local Kurdish fighters who have teamed up with Shiite Muslim militias supported by Iran in an effort to get rid of ISIS from Hawija. The jihadists' dismembered bodies bodies were reportedly found by refugees fleeing the violence that has plagued Iraq. The news first appeared on a local news site Al-Sumaria, which cited unknown local sources and later received attention on social media as officials corroborated the event. While deaths caused by wild boars are rather uncommon in the region, the animals are known for their brutal attacks that can result in death, according to a 2006 article titled "Death by attack from a wild boar" published in the Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine.

This was one of several bizarre moments when wild animals unexpectedly attack and kill people, particularly criminals. About six years ago, an abalone poacher was attacked and killed by a great white shark in South Africa. While that was the case in which somebody deemed as a threat to wildlife was "brought to justice," this was the case in which members of an international terrorist organization inadvertently fell victim to wild animals. The ISIS has been widely known for some of the most horrendous acts of violence and mayhem in the world, which include beheadings of both civilians and soldiers, recruitment of child soldiers, sexual violence and slavery, and even destruction of cultural heritage sites. This incident reportedly came after the organization slaughtered about 25 civilians trying to escape areas under their control. Although three ISIS fighters have been killed by wild boars, there is a possibility that members of the organization will try to be more careful when conducting such brutal attacks and this could mean annihilating the wildlife which makes its home in the region where they are operating. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to take strong measurements in annihilating this life-threatening terrorist organization once and for all.

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