Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tennis Player Andy Murray Becomes Global Ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund

Andy Murray posing with two sniffer dogs.

It has recently been reported that tennis player and 2013 Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has become a global ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In order to show his support to the battle against poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, he will be helping to increase awareness through a Nepal-based initiative that trains dogs to track down poachers and poaching activities in Chitwan National Park. A well-known lover of dogs, Mr. Murray will also be raising crucial funds during the whole of his next year's tennis tour to support this necessary work. The reason is because Nepal boasts with some of the world's most iconic species of animals such as elephants, rhinos, and tigers which are under tremendous threat of poaching for their body parts. In addition, Nepal has also been a basic transport route for products made from the body parts of its endangered species. The country's sniffer-dog training program's main goal is to stop poachers smuggling such illicit merchandise out of Chitwan National Park. This particular program will work with WWF's current wildlife trade program in Nepal. It is even said that a new puppy, who will be part of the first-class training team, will be named "Murray" in honor of Mr. Murray's support.
Andy Murray posing with customs officials over confiscated wildlife products.

It is amazing and beneficial to see how various celebrities are showing their concern and support for the world's environmental catastrophes. Andy Murray is one of the recent celebrities to become an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund. Other celebrities include Leonardo DiCaprio, Ethan Suplee, Sophia Bush, Jared Leto, and Dick Van Dyke. However, while the following ambassadors and supporters of the World Wildlife Fund are film celebrities, it seems that Mr. Murray must be the first sports celebrity to become the organization's ambassador. He will be giving his support by donating funds during his tennis tour next year and also help raise awareness through a program that trains sniffer dogs to stop poaching activities. The use of dogs in the battle against poaching and the illegal wildlife trade has shown to be as effective as fighting regular crime. These animals help in uncovering products made from the body parts of endangered species and eventually leading to the apprehension of individuals involved in or suspected of being involved in poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. One example of this method has been seen in India's Kaziranga National Park. Now, Nepal has joined forces with India and other countries to anticipate any poaching activities with sniffer dogs. The fact that Andy Murray has joined a long line of notable figures either in sports or entertainment industry should be taken as an inspiration that regular people should also join forces with organizations like WWF to help end poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. Many people around the world who watch celebrities on television or any media sources admire them for their looks and career, and often wish if they could be like them. However, they should also understand that such celebrities are ambassadors and supporters of issues concerning the environment, health, animal rights, and other subjects and should feel inspired to follow their examples in helping make a difference to the world.

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