Wednesday, September 28, 2011

South Africa and Vietnam Join Forces to Curb Rhino Poaching

A southern white rhinoceros

It has been recently reported that South Africa has now joined hands with Vietnam in an effort to stem rhino poaching. South Africa, which is home to 93 % of Africa's rhino population, had witnessed a mass murder of 333 animals last year. This year, 309 have been killed. Representatives from both nations said that they will work together on matters relating to the illegal wildlife trade, information sharing, and procedures on law enforcement and prosecution. South Africa met with Vietnam to call on the increasing demand for rhino horns in Asia, which are believed to contain medicinal properties. According to Kien Nguyen, Counselor at South Africa's Vietnamese Embassy, Vietnam needs to wake up and realize that a rhino's horn does not contain such remedies to cure illnesses such as cancer. In addition to that, Mike Knight, chairman of a rhino-monitoring group established by the Southern African Development Community, stated that Africa's rhino population would decline in the next couple years if poaching continues at its current rate.

Rhino horns were believed to contain remedies against several types of illnesses, including cancer
I'm amazed to see that South Africa has now started to partner up with one of the nations where the threat of illegal wildlife trade looms large. Before that, South Africa was strictly relying on its own methods in order to combat poaching that had decimated its rhino population. But now, it has taken a step further and allied with Vietnam in this ongoing battle. In addition to that, the article also reported that the next phase will be to involve China and Thailand in the war. This means there will be an increased cooperation between nations that are major centers of illicit activities concerning wildlife both local and exotic.
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