Monday, July 25, 2011

Supreme Court Orders Reduction in Area of Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Great Indian bustard

Recently, the Supreme Court of India had reached its verdict on the issue of the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary. The court has ordered reduction of the sanctuary's area, which brought cheer to both local people and conservationists. In the case of conservationists, the reduction of area will mean more focus on the efforts to save the birds and will guarantee local support. The judgement was made last Friday when the Supreme Court proclaimed the sanctuary will have an area size of 1,222 square kilometers instead of 8,496 declared in 1979. According to bustard researcher Dr. Pramod Patil, the judgement will help better in conservation and monitoring of the bird. He further added that its long-term survival depends on the support of local community. And now, there is hope since the community itself is pleased by the court's decision.

I'm also very happy and proud to hear this news. At the same time, I'm hopeful that the great Indian bustard is on the road to recovery. The decision made by the Supreme Court has made both conservationists and the local community happy. This means that there is a good chance the local people will lend their support to help save the bustard. I think the reason why an area of 8,496 square kilometers would not work because it could cover various human settlements, and a decision like that would spark an outrage amongst the community. However, a reduction of 7,274 square kilometers is a reasonable amount and beneficial for both the locals and conservationists to work together in order to save this magnificent bird.

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