Thursday, January 20, 2011

Conservation Plan for Indian Bustards Underway

Great Indian Bustard

Recently, it has been announced that a state of emergency conservation plan for great Indian bustards is underway by state experts. The plan's objectives include preventing disturbance of breeding sites, encouraging traditional farming in buffer areas, compensating farmers for taking up organic farming, collaring a bustard to monitor its movement, and creating awareness among the locals. According to the procedure, six states that contain the birds will come up with separate plans. Among the people on the front lines is Conservator of Forest Pune M.K Rao. As of now, a total of 300 bustards remain in India.

At its current stage, the plan is formulating. The experts are working on it, and taking suggestions from Bombay Natural History Society director Asad Rahmani. The deadline for submitting the report to the state government will be on February 11th. Then, it will have to be approved by the ministry of environment and forests, who will fund the work. Pramod Patil, who has been researching bustards and working for their conservation and protection, stated the plan will focus on conservation and research of the birds as well as tackle issues. He further added that the plan will also support captive breeding of the birds. Also, the areas of research in Maharashtra (Nashik, Ozar, Vidharba, Solapur, and Ahmednagar) will look into pattern of pesticide usage and understanding the movement and distribution of the birds.

I'm very happy to see that a plan is underway to save the bustard from the brink of extinction. These magnificent species of birds were once considered a delicacy among Mughal emperors and British officials. But now, they have been suffering from issues like disturbance by humans and habitat destruction. By looking at the objectives of this plan, I have a good feeling that the future of the Indian bustard is bright. However, it is also important keep alert for any unexpected surprises. But for now, I'm pleased to see that state experts are currently working up on plans in order to bring the bustard back from extinction.

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