Monday, September 20, 2010

Uttar Pradesh to Have First Special Force to Protect Wildlife

Bengal tiger

The forest department of Uttar Pradesh has planned to set up an armed force (for the first time) to combat poachers and investigate wildlife crimes in the state. Known as the Wildlife Protection Force (WPF), it is being established under the guidelines of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). The main focus of this conservation security force will be to investigate crimes against wildlife, particularly tiger poaching. However, its personnel will also investigate other nature-related crimes such as illegal cutting of trees. A senior forest department official recently stated that a proposal has been sent to the state home department seeking training support. Once the proposal is finalized, then the recruitment process will begin. According Fateh Bahadur Singh, Minister for Forests and Wildlife, illegal poaching has affected Uttar Pradesh's tiger reserves like Dudhwa and Kartaniya Ghat. He stated that the forming of this wildlife special force will be the second step after declaring the area as critical tiger habitat. He even stated that the personnel will be embattled across the India-Nepal border. The personnel will undergo police training, and will also be taught India's wildlife Acts. They will also be provided equipment such as firearms, ammo, communication tools, and satellite tracking devices.

I'm very proud to see that Uttar Pradesh has taken a step further in combating illegal poaching by having a special force operating in the jungles. A similar example would be in South Africa, where private security firms have set up military-trained forces after the staggering numbers in rhino deaths. I feel that just like in the military, it is beneficial to have special forces serving to protect the endangered wildlife of our world. This way, poachers and all the criminals who make their living by destroying the world's wildlife will likely to not stand a chance. And that is what Uttar Pradesh is doing. There is even further progress that this special force's personnel will be sent across the Indo-Nepal border for further protection. This goes to show how India and Nepal have formed a joint partnership in the protection of each other's wildlife. I'm hopeful that this way, both India's and Nepal's wildlife will be securely protected.

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