Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crocodile Sanctuary Operator Vows to Rebuild the Facility

Cherie Chenot-Rose with a rescued American crocodile

 A non-profit crocodile education sanctuary in Belize, which was recently burned down by a mob of superstitious Mayan villagers, will later undergo some serious rebuilding. One of its operators, Cherie Chenot-Rose, has made a vow to rebuild the sanctuary which was designed to protect two species of endangered crocodiles in the country. One of them is the American crocodile, which is also native to the Florida estuaries as well as Central America. Ms. Rose and her husband have been rescuing crocodiles since the facility's establishment in 2004. Everything had been going according to plan, until a mob of Mayan villagers stormed the sanctuary and burned it down out of superstition, fearing that the couple were holding two missing children hostage. The couple have stated that they know nothing about the children's disappearance, but hope and pray for their safe return. They have even made a statement, saying they do not believe Mayan people in general are savages and believe that only those who mobbed their property should be held accountable. Even more good news is that the psychic who "predicted" the missing children's future has been arrested and charged for inciting the attack.

I'm very happy to see that Ms. Rose has not lost hope in helping save the crocodile populations in Belize. This goes to show that she has shown some strong determination, despite the recent attack on her facility. With the reconstruction of the crocodile sanctuary underway, the populations of Belize's crocodiles will have a bright and shiny future (hopefully). I also hope that the native Mayan people will be educated on making right decisions, and not always rely on superstitions in order to solve problems. This could lead to performing deeds that can be viewed as heinous and atrocious. But for now, what is more important is the sanctuary's rebuilding.

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