Friday, September 3, 2010

China and India to Work Together in Curbing Tiger Poaching


Recently, China and India have made an agreement to work together in putting a stop to illegal poaching of tigers. The two neighboring nations have made a commitment in sharing intelligence on the illegal trade of tiger body parts between them. The Chinese officials were paid a visit from Indian officials at the nation's State Forestry Administration, and assured them that they were willing to exchange actionable intelligence on wildlife crimes. They also acknowledged that illegal poaching and trafficking of wildlife were "the biggest threat" to conservation in the region. In addition to that, India and China have also agreed to set up nodal officers to boil down real-time information sharing as well as instigate collaborative information into "backward and forward linkages of wildlife crimes" and well-organized criminal syndicates functioning in the region. The Chinese officials even promised their Indian partners that they did not have any immediate plans to raise the ban on domestic trade in tiger parts. According to conservationists, lifting the ban would further increase the demand for poaching.

I'm very happy to see that China has made a decision to cooperate and work with India in the battle against one of the most catastrophic environmental issues affecting our world. According to Indian officials, the talks with their Chinese counterparts showed real progress between the two nations on a subject neither have been seeing eye to eye. In the past, China had rejected India's concerns that much of the nation's poaching was originated from the growing demand for tiger parts in traditional Chinese medicine. This time, however, things are different as the two nations have partnered up and are seeing the problem eye to eye. Another interesting fact is that China has expressed deep interest in joining the Global Tiger Forum, an inter-government conservation led by India which also involves seven of fourteen tiger countries. This is truly something to be proud about.

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