Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Russian Government's Plan to Save Korea's Siberian Tigers

Siberian tiger

Russia is one of the thirteen nations participating in a global movement to help save the world's tiger population. But just recently, the nation's government had proposed a plan to help Korea's Siberian tiger population. The plan was to protect a species of tree known as the Korean pine. The reason is because the tree's nuts are an essential food source for the tigers' prey, and there has been a global demand for its wood. If the trees disappear, so will the prey species and thus the tiger population. That's why the Russian government has placed the Korean pine in the list of CITES (Convention for International Trade of Endangered Species). This way, it will make it hard for the illegal trade in timber to continue exploiting the trees.

I'm very happy to see that Russia is helping Korea regarding it's tiger population. Even though the nation is scheduled to participate in a global tiger conservation movement, this news goes to show that it has been on high alert for any problem regarding the world's Siberian tiger population. It is also very interesting to see how Russia is looking at different ecosystems beyond its borders, in order to help protect the neighboring wildlife. In this case, it's in Korea where the ecosystem consists of pine trees which appear to be vital for the survival of the nation's tiger population.

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