Monday, August 2, 2010

Former Wildlife Advocate Accused of Selling Tigers

Bengal tiger

A man named Huang Kuo-nan of Taiwan was recently accused of attempting to make profits from illegally selling wild Bengal tigers. The former adviser to the Council of Agriculture (COA) was suspected of collaborating with a restaurateur named Lin Chin-hsiu, who was also recently accused for serving bear paws to customers. Huang denied the accusation, and claimed it was mainly an act of media fabrication. Unfortunately for him, an investigation by a Hong-Kong-based newspaper named Apple Daily proved otherwise. The purpose of the investigation was to uncover Lin's illegal business. During the process, the reporters posing as customers inadvertently met Huang who displayed his three tigers in front of them. In addition to tigers, Apple Daily also reported that Huang's farm consisted of 7,000 snakes, three Malaysian sun bears, and one lion. The public was deeply shocked, especially the Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) for Huang was at one point a wildlife advocate for COA.

It is truly shocking to see how an individual dedicated in helping with wildlife conservation be involved in such illegal activities. However, Huang's story isn't just the only case where good sides with the bad. There may have been similar stories, where certain members of law enforcement have been accused for stealing evidence during an investigation and deny the accusations. In my opinion, it goes to show the reality of life in which not every individual siding up with an organization dedicated to good causes is considered to be trustworthy. Some always have something hide. And that was seen in Huang's case.

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