Friday, August 6, 2010

Captive Deer to be Released in Sunderbans

Spotted deer

A total of sixty spotted deer (locally known as chital) are scheduled to be released in the Sunderbans mangrove forests from Kolkata's Alipore Zoological Gardens. The purpose of releasing the deer is to provide more food to the region's tigers, and decrease the chances of any attacks on people. The animals, however, are not going to be directly released into the jungles. The plan will be to first keep them in an isolation center, where they will undergo health check-up. If the results are positive, then the animals will be released. In addition to that, the other reason for releasing the deer into the wild was because of frequent fights breaking out in their enclosure due to lack of space. According to forest officials, releasing deer into the wild will help infiltrate new material in their gene pool.

I'm happy to see that forest officials are planning out tactics, in order to prevent the Sunderbans' tigers from further attacking people. In this case, it is by helping relocate the animals' prey species from captivity and into the wild. I also hope that the officials will send out a warning to the villagers living on the region's fringes to never purchase any deermeat from poachers because that would mean they are putting their lives in danger from tigers. This way, the chances of tiger attacks on people in the Sunderbans will lessen.

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