Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arizona Conservationists to Move into New Phase in Mexican Wolf Management

Mexican wolf in captivity

The states of Arizona and New Mexico have witnessed severe losses in Mexican wolf populations due to intense persecution. The animals, though critically endangered, have been killed by ranchers who worry about losing their livestock. These incidents have had a major impact on Arizona's Mexican wolf reintroduction program, which was established twelve years ago. However, recently, conservationists in Arizona have come up with a new alternative plan help save the wolves, allowing them to coexist peacefully with the ranchers. According to Eva Sargent, Southwest program director with Defenders of Wildlife, the program will focus on safe methods to prevent livestock losses from wolves. These tactics include special fencing, and more presence of cowboys  to keep watch on the cattle. This way, there would be less chances of livestock predation. Sargent even suggested that moving cattle further away from wolf dens will decrease the chances.

I'm very happy that the Mexican wolf reintroduction program has moved on to a new phase in helping save the populations of wolves in Arizona and New Mexico. By having more presence of range-riders on the field, there will be a fair chance that ranchers will not lose their cattle. This is because human presence, in general, keeps wolves and other wild animals away. The program previously compensated ranchers for livestock losses, which has now been taken over by the federal government. I also hope that these new tactics will help the conservationists in their future to revive the population of Mexican wolves in the American Southwest.

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