Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two More Injured in a Tiger Attack in Maharashtra

Bengal tiger

Recently, the same frail tigress who had injured one person in Maharashtra's Tadoba Andheri National Park has attacked two more people after forest officials tranquilized and released her away from the villagers. The animal was then again tracked down, tranquilized, and was taken for a check-up. Later, it will be decided whether the animal will be shifted to a zoo in Nagpur.

I sure am relieved to see that the tigress is safe. I'm also happy that forest officials along with the police had come up with an alternative solution to keep both the animal and villagers safe out of harm's way. However, I'm also little bit worried whether this animal may have a reputation of being a man-eater or not. But for now, all is well. I also hope that in the future, forest officials in Tadoba Andheri National Park will keep monitoring its tigers to check for any signs of disability and help those in need. That way, both the villagers and animals will be able to live peacefully.

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