Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tiger Conservation Meeting to be held in Indonesia


The island of Bali will be hosting a crucial meeting regarding tiger conservation for three days. This meeting is going to be attended by tiger experts, representatives, and senior government officials from thirteen countries home to wild tigers. The goals of this meeting are to come up with solutions, in order to convey the message of threats tigers are facing and even help double the population by the year 2022 (the next year of the tiger). This is a clear representation of how different nations come together in talks to discuss one global dilemma affecting our world: the current state of its tiger population. I'm very happy that all these nations known to have tigers in their wild lands team up together, and plan solutions to help save and protect these magnificent creatures. Also, the meeting will consist of tiger experts who are going to help with their knowledge about the animals so that no mistakes will be made while planning out the solutions.

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