Monday, July 12, 2010

Seven Bears Killed by Poachers in Nepal

Himalayan black bears

In Nepal's Panchthar District, seven bears were counted to have been killed by poachers last year. The animals have been said to enter the district's villages from the forests of Singhalila National Park (in the Indian state of West Bengal) just across the border. According to the villagers, the poachers would continue to kill the bears when no compensation was paid for a crop or an attack. In my opinion, this goes to show what consequences occur when a community relies on criminals for protection. In this case, the poachers would do what they normally do best; and that's continue the onslaught of illegally killing the endangered wildlife in Nepal and the Indian subcontinent. I sure hope that Nepal's forest department, along with forest officials will plan tactics in order to keep the bears safe from poachers and relocate them in safe areas away from human habitation.

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