Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pangolins Seized in China

Pangolin embryos

Chinese authorities made a macabre discovery after seizing a cargo containing a whopping nearly 8,000-tonne load of pangolins (scaly anteaters). What made the situation even more sadistic was that the victims were in their embryonic stages, and were almost bound to be served as delicacies. It was believed that consuming a pangolin would help mothers with breastfeeding. But then as with every other wild creature, the belief in such remedies through consumption is an illusion. This is certainly a genuine, yet horrific representation of the illegal wildlife trade. It is not just healthy grown animals that are victims, but also young ones often in their developing stages.

I'm very appalled to find how ruthless such operators of this illicit and lucrative business are. Based on this article, many of them are not just criminals but also baby-killers. I sure hope this report may also be a reminder to not just toughen the anti-poaching laws, but also allow authorities to further combat illegal poaching in places where the wildlife trade is sweeping.

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