Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nepal Partners Up with India to Battle Illegal Wildlife Trade

Bengal tigress in Nepal's Chitwan National Park

Nepal had earlier joined hands with its northern neighbor China in an effort to curb the illegal wildlife trade. Now, it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with its southern neighbor as part of battling the environmental catastrophe. According to forest minister Deepak Bohara, Nepal has joined forces with twelve other tiger countries in order to help double the world's tiger population by the year 2022. The Nepalese government is also fully committed in controlling poaching activities, and increase wildlife habitats along with prey animals. As part of intensifying conservation efforts, the government has announced a new national park called Banke National Park in western Nepal. The nation has also taken various steps to combat the illegal wildlife trade, and as a result, the tiger population increased to 155 animals (last year's census recorded 91 animals).

I'm very proud to see that Nepal has been taking serious action, in order to protect its local wildlife. It's also very good to see that it has partnered up with India, along with China to battle the illegal wildlife trade. It goes to show how the nations home to tigers are banding together to protect each others native wildlife, and combat poaching activities that have been ravaging the world's wildlife for many years. I sure hope that this new national park announced by the Nepalese government will receive great protection from poachers and wildlife smugglers. But right now, it's good to know how Nepal has been committing to saving and protecting its natural heritage.

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