Monday, July 19, 2010

Man Arrested in Mexico for Possession of 18 Monkeys

Titi monkey

A Mexican citizen named Roberto Sol Cabrera was arrested at the international airport in Mexico City for the possession of eighteen tiny South American titi monkeys. The animals were hidden inside Senor (Mr.) Sol Cabrera's clothes around his waist as a way to avoid contact from the "X-rays" at security checkpoints. Out of the eighteen animals, two had died due to suffocation after the confiscation. Mr. Sol Cabrera had bought each monkey from Peru for $30.00. In Mexico, they could have sold for between $775 and $1550. He is now currently in custody.

This report gives a good idea about one of the branches of the illegal wildlife trade: the pet trade. The tropical rainforests of Central and South America are known to boast with a bountiful of exotic wildlife. Some of these animals are prone to be sold as exotic pets to buyers up north. These animals primarily include monkeys and parrots. What Sol Cabrera had done showed just how buyers try to secretly smuggle their "pets" beyond the borders: by hiding them in their clothes. Sol Cabrera hid the monkeys in his girdle and socks around his waist. Even when they are sure that their pets will be safe, smugglers still end up killing them.

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