Monday, July 5, 2010

Leopard Beaten to Death after Injuring Nine

Indian leopard

In Gujarat's Banaskantha district, a leopard had strayed into a village locality and injured nine people including a forest guard. The animal was about to be tracked down to be tranquilized and then released faraway from the village. Unfortunately, the villagers had been beaten it to death by the villagers. This is truly a shocking and devastating news for me. One reason is because the animal was an endangered species. The second reason, which is more reasonable, is that a posse of forest officers, police, and forest department officials were about to relocate the victim somewhere safe. But it seemed that the villagers could no longer tolerate such encounters, and were forced to retaliate. I just hope that in the future, the forest department will educate the villagers on what to do when there is a man-animal conflict in their village. It would be wise to immediately notify the forest department when such incidents happen.

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