Friday, July 2, 2010

Hawaii Bans Shark Fin Harvesting

Shark fins confiscated

Just recently a law banning the harvesting of shark fins took into effect in Hawaii. This bill not only made the harvesting process illegal, but also selling, possessing, and distributing of shark fins as well. It is truly a wonderful moment for me to see that one of the islands in the South Pacific has taken a proactive step against a devastating environmental issue that's affecting our world's oceans. But elsewhere, shark fin harvesting is still a major threat to the ocean life.

Hawaii has long been viewed as paradise on earth with its sunshine, beaches, and surf. Now there is another characteristic that makes it a special place: it's conservation efforts. First, it was to help save and protect its own native wildlife such as the Hawaiian goose and the monk seal. Now, Hawaii has taken a step further in conservation of a more diverse ocean species: the sharks. This is definitely something to feel proud of.

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