Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Father and Son Convicted for Poaching a Bighorn Sheep in Colorado

Bighorn sheep

A father-son duo from Arvada, Colorado have been convicted and fined for illegally poaching a bighorn sheep two years ago. The two men have also been suspended their rights to either hunt and fish anywhere in the U.S. They were seen by DOW (Division of Wildlife) agents with the sheep's head strapped to their luggage and a hunting rifle held by the son. The father, Henry Butler, has faced multiple charges three months ago ranging from hunting without a license to illegal possession of wildlife. 

This news, in my opinion, gives a clear representation of how laws regarding wildlife protection and management function in the U.S. Perpetrators are usually sentenced to as many as three months behind bars. This is very different from laws in exotic places like Africa and tropical Asia, where penalties are much stiffer. Another interesting fact I saw in this article was that the bighorn sheep is Colorado's state animal. This is different from California, where the grizzly bear is the state animal and has long been extinct. Seeing a magnificent creature like the bighorn sheep in Colorado makes me think how lucky the state's residents are for having it as a state animal still flourishing after generations.

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