Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Florida Law Bans Sales of Exotic Snakes and Lizards

A Burmese python in a Florida wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center

The state of Florida has recently proposed a law which will be put into action this coming Thursday. It bans the selling of exotic snakes (pythons) and lizards (Nile monitor lizards) to the state's customers. In my opinion, Florida has taken a big step since it has long been invaded by pythons and monitor lizards due to carelessness by the exotic pet trade. These reptiles have made the everglade mangrove forests their home, and had a major impact on the local wildlife. This can be seen when a Nile monitor gulps down alligator eggs, or even a young alligator in turn affecting the population. In addition to Florida's native wildlife, residents have also been at risk. Many have lost their pets to pythons, and some have even lost their own children. With this new law in process, Florida's residents will no longer be owning pythons in their homes which will minimize the chances of their pets and kids falling victims to these gigantic snakes. This is definitely big news for me and Florida's people.

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