Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Florida Law Bans Sales of Exotic Snakes and Lizards

A Burmese python in a Florida wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center

The state of Florida has recently proposed a law which will be put into action this coming Thursday. It bans the selling of exotic snakes (pythons) and lizards (Nile monitor lizards) to the state's customers. In my opinion, Florida has taken a big step since it has long been invaded by pythons and monitor lizards due to carelessness by the exotic pet trade. These reptiles have made the everglade mangrove forests their home, and had a major impact on the local wildlife. This can be seen when a Nile monitor gulps down alligator eggs, or even a young alligator in turn affecting the population. In addition to Florida's native wildlife, residents have also been at risk. Many have lost their pets to pythons, and some have even lost their own children. With this new law in process, Florida's residents will no longer be owning pythons in their homes which will minimize the chances of their pets and kids falling victims to these gigantic snakes. This is definitely big news for me and Florida's people.

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Poachers Attack Rhino; Victim Miraculously Survives

White rhinoceros

A gang of poachers shot a white rhinoceros from a helicopter, and then proceeded to saw off its horn. However, this brutal process unknowingly led to striking the victim in the skull. Surprisingly, the animal survived its injuries. But even otherwise, it could have been whole lot worse and the rhino would have been wound up dead on the spot. It is a rare occasion in the natural world where a wild creature survives a fatal accident by humans, and lives to tell about it. I was relieved that the rhino survived such a life-threatening experience. But at the same time, I was shocked thinking that the victim could have ended up dead like all the other rhinos in southern Africa falling victims to poachers.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Orissa's Blackbuck and Deer Rescue


A blackbuck antelope and a deer were rescued by villagers in the Ganjam district of Orissa, and then given to the forest department. The antelope was injured likely due to an accident, while the deer was forced to stray into the village after the rains waterlogged its habitat. This goes to show how caring and compassionate some people, especially those who live in rural areas, can be towards their wild and untamed neighbors.

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Rhino Corpses in Kruger National Park

White rhinoceros in Kruger National Park

In South Africa's famed Kruger National Park, authorities made a gruesome discovery of two mutilated rhino corpses. But what's more disturbing is that the killings of rhinos continue to escalate when authorities continue to unearth what they believe to be the country's prominent poaching syndicate. The anti-poaching authorities also believe that this syndicate is extensive and is headed by a son of a major South African mining magnate. It even consists of two wildlife veterinarians who are providing tranquilizer drugs and darts for the poachers. Can you imagine that? Veterinarians who care for sick or injured animals be working as associates for poachers who do the real dirty work. This gives an idea of how well-organized and sophisticated poachers can be.


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cobra Hamburgers

Here's a slideshow about cobras in Indonesia being harvested for hamburgers. It consists of pictures showing the process, along with information about why these people want to consume these venomous snakes. One of the pictures even shows the resemblance of a cobra burger to a regular hamburger. It is just one of the controversial issues regarding wildlife conservation, in which some people would go and find a wild substitute for a domestic animal like a cow whose meat has always fed mankind for generations. In addition to cobras, other animals have also been victims of being served as fast food. For example, Japan has been known to serve burgers made of whalemeat. Recently, a restaurant in Arizona served customers burgers made of lion meat as a way to attract soccer fans after South Africa failed to qualify to the knockout stage during the World Cup.


Illegal Wildlife Trade Video

I have here a video about the illegal wildlife trade. It shows how gruesome and macabre such a lucrative business can be. Hope you all find it interesting.

Illegal Wildlife Trade 


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