Sunday, November 16, 2014

Former Game Show Host Bob Barker Contributes $500,000 to Save Circus Animals in Peru

Bob Barker

The celebrity world is full of individuals who, aside from doing their professional work, become involved in issues related to a wide range of global topics in an effort to make a difference in this world. Among these topics include issues related to the environment such as climate change, global warming, and even the plight of endangered wildlife. One of the recent examples in this crusade to help save endangered species is Bob Barker. The former host of the well-known game show The Price is Right has contributed $500,000 to help implement Peru's current ban on wild animal circuses, in what is his most recent attempt to stop animal cruelty. Mr. Barker's charitable donation will finance the relocation of once confined and abused animals to stable new homes as part of the Animal Defenders International's (ADI) "lion's share" mission. According to the ADI, the former circus animals that are set to find new permanent homes include thirty African lions which are being transferred to a sanctuary in Colorado and nine primates which are going to sanctuaries in the Amazon. In addition to Peru, other countries that have joined the ban on wild animal circuses include Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and El Salvador. Mr. Barker, who is known for his love of animals, had made similar efforts in the past to help save animals suffering from animal cruelty. For example, in 2011, he contributed almost $2 million to fund ADI's rescue of two groups of lions and other circus animals in Bolivia and construction of facilities at two animal sanctuaries in the U.S. In 2013, he donated nearly $1 million to move three African elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a wide-open sanctuary in San Andreas, California. Since retiring from hosting The Price is Right in 2007, Mr. Barker also made ample donations to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
Two of the thirty African lions recently rescued from a circus in Peru.

This is another example of notable figures in the mainstream media who has played an important role in contributing to the cause of ending animal cruelty. Mr. Barker has become involved in the animal rights activism since the late 1970s, and has significantly contributed to helping raise awareness about animal cruelty and ending it. For example, he founded the DJ&T Foundation in 1994 which donated millions of dollars for programs specializing in neutering animals and to finance animal rescue and park facilities across the U.S. Mr. Barker has never backed down from helping fight for a good cause. This was seen recently with his donation of $500,000 to save and relocate animals suffering from abuse and neglect in a circus in Peru. The mainstream media is full of celebrities involved in fighting for a cause in order to make a difference to the world. These celebrities include movie stars, athletes, and other figures which people look up to. Many people, when they see their favorite movie star, athlete, or anybody else on television or in a newspaper or a magazine, they often wish they could be like them in terms of profession and lifestyle. However, such figures are also involved in charities and other movements directed at global issues related to topics such as the global environment, health, human rights, animal rights, etc. Their efforts to fight for a good cause related to such issues should be seen as an inspiration to people around the world to come together in making a difference in the world through positive means.

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