Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rhinos to be Relocated from South Africa to Botswana in Anti-poaching Campaign

A white rhinoceros in Kruger National Park

It has recently been reported that up to hundred rhinos will be transferred from South Africa to Botswana's distant wilderness in an attempt to keep them out of the reach of excessive poaching. The mass relocation comes after 1,004 rhinos were ruthlessly slaughtered last year and the failure of every measurement attempted so far to diminish the terror, which is fueled by the demand for rhino horns in Asia. This $8 million initiative was announced together by two conservation companies: Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond. The two companies stated that each rhino would be tagged and micro-chipped for research and monitoring. It is also said that a committed anti-poaching team will work with the government of Botswana to monitor the animals. &Beyond's chief executive Joss Kent assured that Botswana has an exceptional security system to protect endangered species, and will be a safe haven for relocated rhinos. The company also stated that it would announce definite fundraising drives to allow tourism shareholders, travel partners, tour operators, and guests to help save the rhino. South African National Parks (SANParks) accepted the plan, stating that the initiative would be a "good one."

I'm very proud to find what new measurements have been implemented, in order to help save the rhinos in Africa. In addition to simply patrolling areas in South Africa where poaching has been running rampant, the plan of relocating rhinos out of harm's way is an excellent strategy. Botswana, which is landlocked in southern Africa, had received six rhinos from South Africa last year and is home to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary where not a single animal had been poached since its development 24 years ago. This indicates that Botswana has a substantial security system in protecting the wildlife, and I have a good feeling that the hundred rhinos about to be relocated there will be safe. I also feel that it is crucial to keep a close watch for poachers, who will turn towards Botswana for rhinos upon hearing about this relocation effort. These individuals are very smart and are always keeping their eyes and ears open for any good opportunity to conduct their evil deeds; even if it means turning to another country besides South Africa where more than sixty percent of rhino poaching occurs.

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