Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiger Cub Found Stashed and Drugged at Bangkok Airport

Tiger cub

A Thai woman was recently arrested at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport after authorities uncovered a 3-month-old tiger stashed in her suitcase among stuffed toy tigers. The poor creature appeared to be dehydrated, exhausted, and could not walk. Thankfully, help was there and it was taken down to a wildlife conservation center in the city. There, the cub was kept under close supervision by the medical staff who provided it with plenty of oxygen, water, and lactation. Now, all was left is a DNA test to provide detail's about the cub's origin. The police identified the woman was found to be Piyawan Palasarn, who has been charged with two counts of wildlife smuggling and could face up to four years in jail and a fine of 40,000 baht (an equivalent of $1300) if found guilty. However, Adisorn Noochdumrong, who is the head of an international wildlife division of the conservation center, stated that Palasarn denied that the luggage seized belonged to her. Instead, it belonged to somebody else who asked her to carry it for that unknown person(s). It has also not been proven what the woman allegedly intended to do with the cub.

I'm deeply relieved to find that the tiger cub is safe, and is receiving plenty of attention it needs for its survival. Hearing about this news, in my opinion, is a clear representation about the horrors of the illegal trade of exotic wildlife. It is not just full-grown animals, who are the victims, but also youngsters. A common example would be apes such as chimpanzees, orangutans, and gibbons. The reason why many are illegally smuggled out of their homelands as youngsters I think is because their faces are more humanlike in appearance, and to most people it reminds them of infants in general. This tiger cub, though not having a humanlike face, is also seen as a cuddly-looking organism. This could be the reason why it was being smuggled out of Thailand, and was bound for Iran where exotic pets are a popularity. But just like baby apes, this cub would grow up into a wild and untamed adult in the hands of its owners and end up dead. Thank god the authorities were able to intervene the process. I also hope that the Iranian government will follow the footsteps of Thailand and other countries, in order to enforce strict laws in banning the exotic pet trade.

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