Friday, August 13, 2010

New Species of Monkey Discovered in the Amazon; But Risks Extinction

Caqueta titi monkey

A new species of titi monkeys has recently been discovered deep in the rainforests of the Amazon. It is the Caqueta titi monkey. Though closely related to other titi monkeys, this new discovery does not sport a distinctive white bar on its forehead. This particular primate is named for the region of Caqueta in Colombia from where there was a word about its existence 30 years ago. Unfortunately at that time, researchers could not get access due to bloody violence. It was not until two years ago did a team of three researchers were able to gain access into the region. Another interesting fact about this primate is that it forms life-long relationships. This was seen when researchers saw them in pairs sitting with their tails entwined together.

While it is a joyous moment that this new species is discovered, it is unfortunately close to extinction due to deforestation. It has been estimated that fewer than 250 of these monkeys are currently existence. I sure hope that researchers and conservationists will do whatever they can to ensure this newly-discovered species' survival in Colombia's rainforests. The country has had a bloody history of violence over the years between rival drug cartels, resulting in hundreds of innocent casualties. However, much of the warfare had also been taken into the jungles where several species of animals have been caught in the crossfire. This monkey may have been one of them. Hopefully, it will receive plenty of attention from conservationists and researchers both in and out of Colombia.

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