Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surge in the Killings of Mexican Wolves

Mexican wolf

The states of Arizona and New Mexico have suffered tremendous losses of their local Mexican wolf populations, due to illegal poaching. Wildlife conservationists are urging for a stricter law enforcement for the protection of the remaining wolf population after a third wolf was killed near Arizona's eastern border. Part of must have contributed to the downfall of the wolf population was concern in livestock predation. The Mexican wolves, a subspecies of the gray wolf, were part of a recovery program in the American Southwest starting in 1998. The plan was to help recover the shrinking populations of the wolves in Arizona and New Mexico where they had once thrived. Biologists and conservationists hoped that the population would increase up to 100 animals. But now, the current population is fewer than half that number.

I sure hope that some serious action will be underway, in order for the protection of these wolves. Unlike their northern cousins, the Mexican wolves are still low in numbers and are in the great need of help. Since the plan to help recover the population began twelve years ago and had some positive impact, it seems now the only way is to ensure proper yet stronger law enforcement to keep illegal poaching of these magnificent animals at bay. At the same time, captive breeding can also help continue the population recovery along with educating the public on what significant roles the wolves play in the desert ecosystem.

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